Contextual Affiliate Platform

Access our affiliate coupons feed API to monetize with promo codes, offers and daily deals

Why use our affiliate coupons feed?

Simple to use

Query our coupons API once a day to retrieve all available coupons by domain. Start monetizing thousands of merchants and get paid for every sale!

Place coupons anywhere

Display coupons on any real-estate on any platform. Go beyond websites and monetize toolbars, software, email, search, mobile, even chat rooms!

Registration not require

Start earning today without registering to affiliate network nor negotiating with merchants. We handle accounting and send you one big payment.

Daily reports

Receive daily updates about your affiliate earnings and performance via secure dashboard or use our reporting API. Track multiple channels with sub-ids.

Huge coupon coverage

Use our coupon feed to display not just promo codes but also daily deals, rebates, free shipping, discounts, price drops and other offers.

Generous rev-share

You keep up to 70% of revenues.

International & multilingual

Monetize globally with worldwide merchants and multilingual coupons. We have strong presence in Europe, Latin-America and other geographies.


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